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Refreshing from Him

Read: Psalm 23 AMP

Allowing God to be our Shepherd, to guide us, brings a level of peace and contentment that’s not understood by the human mind. However, it’s totally engulfed in our Spirit.

• You know exactly what I am talking about. Remember that moment when you could’ve given up BUT you chose to trust and praise Him.

• Or the other time when your clap 👏🏽 back could’ve made a comeback for a total knock 🥊 out BUT you held your tongue.

• Wait! Wait! That time where you could not go any further BUT GOD somehow someway pulled you through!

Our Shepherd knows the “green pastures” and “still waters” that will restore us. Because we have chosen Him and His way, we will reach these places of refreshing and restoring. We have chosen to trust the process and follow where the Spirit leads.

He is well pleased with you, Sis. Stay enCOURAGEd Chica! His promises are 💯 percent guarantee! Know that our Shepherd will continue to refresh, restore, comfort, and protect.

Love you to life,


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